A Speakeasy Adventure
Saturday October 22nd
7-10pm in Dogpatch

Sold Out

About Moonshine Alley

We invite you, our special guest, to experience Moonshine Alley! As bootleggers, our club has to be a bit secretive , so we've taken a few precautions in getting you in the door. You'll go on a speakeasy adventure to uncover the secret location of our club and earn our trust. What lovely things await you behind Moonshine Alley's door! Besides adventure, there will be a live bluegrass band and a lecture on the art and science of distillation.

  • Tickets for Moonshine Alley

    An Evening of Adventure

    You and your guests will go on a speakeasy adventure to find Moonshine Alley. The ticket is your passport for this one of a kind adventure! This is a journey that encourages high heels, not hiking boots, and cocktail attire is encouraged.

  • Delicious Libations

    You Had Me at Speakeasy

    Our limited addition flight of local whiskies is available for pre-purchase when you order your tickets. We also offer a flight of non-alcoholic cocktails that will delight you. A few boozy concotions will also be available for purchase at Moonshine Alley.

  • A Bootlegger's Hootenanny

    Wonderful things await you

    After immersing yourself in a speakeasy adventure to find Moonshine Alley you will be welcomed to an evening of live Bluegrass, and a lecture on the art & science of distillation. That's how bootleggers throw a hootenanny!

Sold Out


Come again? Moonshine Alley sounds amazing and different. What is going on here?

This is a pop-up venue that shines for one night only! Immerse yourself in a speakeasy adventure to find Moonshine Alley, and then relax in our speakeasy. Check us out on instagram @MoonshineAlleySF.

Where is Moonshine Alley?

Wouldn't you like to know! As bootleggers, we must be a little secretive, but we assure you Moonshine Alley is in Dogpatch. Purchase a ticket and we will reveal the location of a special phone. Pickup the phone and listen; a voice will start you on your journey.

Is Moonshine Alley far? Will I get lost?

Heavens no! Our lead bootlegger, Emily, would never let someone get lost on their way to a good party. The speakeasy adventure does require about a 20 minute walking adventure. If you run into trouble along the way, your ticket will include our contact information.


Yes, 21 and over please and thank you.

Do I have to buy tickets?

Yes, one per guest please. Sold Out and pre-purchase local whisky flights or non-alcoholic cocktail flights.

You say there is a live blue grass band?

Yes! That is how we roll. The band is Festival Speed Bluegrass and you can find out more about them on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Festival.Speed.Bluegrass/

What are my transportation/parking options?

There is plenty of free parking adjacent to the start of your adventure in Dogpatch, and the neighborhood is served by the T and the 22 MUNI lines.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket?

No! Just your bad self, and be sure to remember your name.

I can't make it, so I gave the ticket to a friend. Is that okay?

Absolutely. Just let Emily know in advance so she can expect whomever is in charge of your ticket. emily@streeturchin.studio

You say there is a lecture on the art and science of distillation?

Moonshine is even better when shared, so we thought the evening would be even more fun with a lecture. One part California Academy of Sciences and the other park Dark Arts.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds.

Questions, Inquiries & Drink Advice

Our lead bootlegger and fixer Emily will be happy to help you!